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We are building social tools to re-invent the way people shoot, produce and share their videos.
The game is on, now.


  • Mehmet Tokgöz
    Founder, CEO
    Mehmet Tokgöz
    Founder, CEO
    Memo was the founder & CEO of Abrakadabra Advertising which served major brands globally from Turkey. Memo has invented technologies which he began patenting in 2015 and subsequently adapting methods which will democratize the way users build and consume digital products. He is dedicated to "change the game" for the time being. linkedin
  • Irtek Uraz
    Investor & Advisor
    Irtek Uraz
    Investor & Advisor
    Irtek Uraz is a Vice President with NBK Capital Partners. Prior to joining the firm in 2012, Irtek was an engagement manager with Booz & Company in Dubai. Irtek holds a Master in Business Administration from Columbia Business School, a Master in Science from Stanford University, and a Master in Science and Bachelor in Engineering from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey. linkedin
  • Emre Erkmen
    Emre Erkmen
    iOS Developer
    Emre is a multidisciplinary designer and developer. After taking lead roles in several digital advertising agencies, he founded his own tech company. Inspired by his graduate studies in industrial design, he decided to tackle with the design and production duality by providing development solutions with a keen eye on the design aspect. linkedin
  • Özgür İpek
    Art Director
    Özgür İpek
    Art Director
    Özgür İpek founded YouCanFlip Digital Publishing at May 2007. He created an early e-book system adapted by many companies in Turkey. He collaborated With Mehmet Tokgöz on numerous Creative Projects as an Art Director, Front End Programmer, Designer. He loves music, dogs and meditation. Namaste ;)